Communications and Marketing Strategist

Communications strategist with a vast amount of international Project Management expertise working in the private, public and non-profit sectors Jennifer makes language work offering transformational communications strategies and pro-active media relations outreach. 

With multi-channel skills Jennifer will harness the platforms and deliver a strategy that speaks to your clients and your organization.  

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With comprehensive communication skills I bring a wide range of media relations, social media and communications expertise and am fully bilingual with, in addition, beginner level Spanish.

I bring a full portfolio of communication capabilities including media relations, government relations, marketing and social media proficiency with a proven track record in advancing private and public issues, generating local and national media interest supported by a wide-network of media contacts.

I enjoy working closely within an organization to develop communication strategies ensuring the full communications and media relations needs are met.

With a solid network of media contacts having promoted campaigns and organizations locally, nationally and internationally. I am adept and comfortable pitching stories to the media, developing backgrounders and press releases, responding to media requests and managing sensitive issues that may arise with the press.

Having worked with not for profit charities, on political campaigns and in government relations I have managed clients appearing on major programs such as Power & Politics, PowerPlay, and appreciate the sensitivity and diplomacy required when a national organization speaks publicly.

As well as targeting the optimal media outlets to promote the municipal agenda, I would work alongside management to assess who within the organization is the best suited to participate.  I enjoy prepping and coaching speakers and take pride in developing well researched material crafted in to clear speaking points to ensure the representative is fully at ease in an interview situation. I ensure any representative is fully briefed on the particulars and content of a media appearance.

I have developed many events for a wide range of organizations that include, media announcements, working, award and social events.  On these occasions I have managed and implemented all aspects of communication, government relation and media outreach to ensure a successful event.

In leading media outreach and management and, as an early adopter of online communication approaches, I have run multiple stand-alone social media campaigns and managed many different corporate social media accounts. I am pro-active in developing timing and messaging strategies to maximize the outreach and impact of both on-line and traditional media channels recognizing the two must work in unison. I have produced commercials for clients that have run on TV, in-cinema and, of course, on the internet. 

I provide media guidance at the executive level and am adept at developing media partnerships having implemented strategies for in-kind advertising (print and television) as well as paid media for commercials, in-cinema advertising, digital and print newspaper campaigns and grassroots outreach through postering and networking with like-minded organizations. The successful result of campaigns and cultivated media relationships leads to significant media coverage.

I enjoy building relationships with Government departments and agencies making strong connections to foster common media relation and communication goals.

I am adept at producing the full toolbox of communication deliverables from communication plans, newsletters, backgrounders, press releases, Op-eds, pitches and using media monitoring tools to ensure the effectiveness of outreach. I have a proven track record of managing staff, budgets and meeting deadlines.

I manage the demands of multiple projects in a timely manner bringing decision-making and inter-team communication skills to the forefront without compromising quality. Whether liaising with partners, creating high-quality commercials, engaging media partners, generating memorable, newsworthy PR or running events I maintain professionalism and respect in all interactions regardless of pressure.   I bring creativity and empathy to my undertakings as a firm believer in taking pleasure in one’s work and motivating all team members to consistently aim for excellence.

Strengths include:

  • Deliver projects to established goals on time and on budget.
  • Develop a comprehensive Communications, Government Relations and Media Relations Strategy
  • Social Media strategies and campaigns
  • Work collaboratively with clients and creative departments as required
  • Develop strategy and communication deliver plans
  • Maximise the positive impact of key message and branding strategies.
  • Develop content: Social media content, commercials, press releases, newsletters, posters, speaking points.
  • Collaborate on presentations and investment content for print and electronic media as required.
  • Pinpoint emerging techniques and technologies to improve effective communications.
  • Leverage strong media ties.
  • Provide marketing expertise for content and outreach. Deliver marketing strategy and draft marketing content.
  • Ensure any associated champions or products are in line with a clients philosophy and brand.
  • Regular and consistent reporting to stakeholders and clients.

Key client organisations include:

  • Political Campaign Communications
  • Skills Compétences Canada
  • Apt613
  • Federal Government Party
  • British Telecom
  • Publicis Blueprint
  • (1,000,000/monthly)
  • UK Department of Trade and Industry
  • Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012
  • Wellington West BIA
  • Knock on Wood
  • DISH
  • SandyHillSeen
  • London24
  • Transport Canada
  • Northern Telecom
  • Systemhouse/EDS: Clients include Health Canada, Dept. of Defence, Treasury Board
  • AutoDiversity Management inc. (ADMI)
  • Thompson Travel (UK) TUI Group
  • Unisys
  • Logistic Leaders

Rates, Samples, References available upon request.
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