As Clear as the Air we Breathe – Run London Run


Mara countdownThe countdown clock at the official London Marathon Shop in Covent Garden continues to mark off time to this Sunday’s run. The Met confirmed that 40% more police will be called in to watch over the event but quite rightly it will go ahead.

As in the wake of the 7/7 bombing London and the international sporting community will demonstrate that terror does not rule our lives. In solidarity the streets of the picturesque 26 mile course will be lined from Blackheath through Canary Wharf all the way down The Mall to the finish line in front of Buckingham Palace.

Run Bindi Run

Run Bindi Run

Veteran London Marathoner, Canadian and London resident of almost two decades Bindi Karia perfectly represents so many that have made one of the world’s most multicultural cities their home.  Karia confirmed despite initial trepidation when the Boston news broke she’ll indeed take her place along the finish line to cheer on friends amongst the almost 38 000 participants so many of which will be raising money for charities.  Wearing a black ribbon her presence alongside runners and supporters is a defiant stance against those who would disrupt the beautiful spectacle of endurance, sporting excellence and shatter our ability to come together.

London maraA 30-second silence will be held before each on the three starts and all are encouraged to wear tribute ribbons in support of Boston. In an iconic city of almost 10million residents fear is, as it has always been, a choice so this Sunday London will remember those affected and squarely stare down any attempt to paralyse its residents and visitors.  From WW2 bombs through terrorist attacks to everyday life people will continue amass at events, on tubes, in markets, parks, the City, galleries and shopping arcades. Now as before people will come together choosing not to be cowed or stifled in their enjoyment. This Sunday expats, immigrants, tourists and Londoners will run, volunteer and cheer as one and the message will be clear: we are legion and we are not afraid.

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