Nomad @Whiteleys: Cinema Pops Up in Bayswater

The independent Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise re-launched its travelling pop-up cinema Nomad in the middle of Bayswater at the beautiful, if underused, Whiteley’s.

The pop-up operates 7 days a week until 21 December in what was formerly the book shop on the 2nd floor at the top of the marble swirly staircase.  The large space has a vast open “lobby” with a bar serving beer, wine and cocktails, some snack stands and, on launch night, a photo-shoot area.  To the back of this room is the actual cinema space.  The cinema, reminiscent of films projected in school assembly halls and community centres, has a truly adhoc feel. There are rows of plastic pull-down cinema style seats, Saab-sponsored director’s chairs and, on the  floor, “Wicked Wedge” mat-cum-blow-up-backrest cushions.  Finally, for the mad folk, there is also an inflatable pool with balls where you are welcome to dive in and enjoy the screening.

The Lexi, one of only a handful of independently-owned cinema houses in London, operates as a charity staffed by volunteers and donating 100% of its profits to “The Sustainability Institute”. So feel good as you enjoy a flick while contributing between 4£-8£ towards a better community.  Want a bit more? Dine at any Whiteley’s restaurant and get free pop-up cinema passes – how can you lose!

Until December 21, 2011

Whiteley’s on the Queensway
London, UK, W2 /

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