Summer setting on Portobello Pop Up Cinema

Tucked beneath the Westway this Pop-Up cinema will never be the first word in luxury and comfort but excels at ingenuity, and community spirit.  The programmes of films screened outdoor are thoughtfully chosen, many evenings held in support of a neighbourhood initiative and frequently directors and filmmakers offer Q&A sessions on their work.  Last season the Banksy film “Exit via the Gift Shop” screening was an excellent, fun and informative night.

The cluster of locals gathered around the makeshift bar and surrounding tables enjoy coming together in this one-off unique environment; a particularly “village-y” sight on a balmy evening.

The “interior” – the screen & seating located literally under the fly-over – has seen improvement this year.  Gone are the benches and in their place are a reclaimed comfy cinema and office chairs. The folding chairs on the aisle have been replaced by home-made cinema-style wooden seats.  The dim space is warmly lit by hanging cardboard Lanterns created by A.B.Mill.

The non-profit cinema typically charges a 4£ admission (at the “box”-office) though many nights are fundraising efforts where donations are requested.

This week’s offerings are Notting Hill carnival film”Ah we Ting” on Thursday while Friday offers a documentary in celebration of the legendary Gate Cinema. Finally on Saturday explore Iran’s recent uprising, the green revolution, in “Green Wave” the 2010 film that uses animation, real-footage, blogs and even twitter to tell a story of great unrest.

Grungy? Sure.  Refreshing and stimulating? Without a doubt.  Check it out before this summer’s season ends.

Portobello Pop-Up Cinema
Under the Westway Flyover @ the junction of Portobello & Ackalm Road, London

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