London Fashion Week Fun

Image Courtesy Rob Jarvis Photography

It’s London Fashion Week!

The smoke is awash with ephemeral creatures and inscrutable designers.  Sunglasses are de rigueur and bring on the most challenging sartorial selection imaginable.

Aminaka Wilmont at LFW by Rob Jarvis Photography

We kicked LFW off at Somerset House with the British Fashion Council’s preview of the 2012 collections of the Estethica designers. Now in it’s 5th year Estethica brings a showcase of cutting edge designers – including the innovative “From Somewhere” and fabulous “Junky Styling” – that practice rigorous eco-sustainability to the forefront of the Fashion market.  In an industry rife with endangered species and sweat shops this is style with substance and class.

Returning for Menswear was a relatively different experience. Nothing matches the louche decadence of a champagne brunch yet the manic buzz contrasted by remote preening made for an extremely interesting, mildly provocative and entertaining afternoon. Creative, corporate, fun and somewhat frivolous – it is delightful to listen to fashionistas discuss the relevance of gold-lame footwear. Menswear is a big day with 9 catwalks and 6 presentations. This year saw the installation of a permanent Menswear Exhibition throughout LFW in the East Wing.  So anyone that unable to attend Wednesday’s show still may have enjoyed what designers including Rose&Rose, Cassette and Berthold were putting forth for men in SS12.

Image courtesy LFW

Quirk captured at LFW by Rob Jarvis Photography

The atmosphere was electric down at Somerset House and well worth even a drive-by to take in proceedings. Londoner’s and tourists alike were sure to get an “experience” whether or not they made it into the Galleries.

Some images courtesy Rob Jarvis Photography

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