Golborne Deli – ciousness – 3*

The Golborne Deli doesn’t exactly push itself in the culinary sense yet serves tasty Italian comfort food in charmingly “functional” surroundings. This reliable deli had a modest refresh last year –the wooden floors gleam, the mismatched furniture is sturdy and the large street-facing windows now open in the summer months.  The changes are subtle but generate a bright clean feeling and give the tiny space an appealing shabby chic air.

When we stopped by on a Saturday afternoon the place was busy – all the outdoor space was taken – but we soon found seats at one of the larger shared-tables.  I like that inside there are 3 of these tables alongside the smaller ones; I feel like I’ve entered a large Italian family kitchen.  The style blends well with the home-cooking and builds on the strong sense of local community that is present on the Golborne Road.

Meals are reasonably priced, £5-9 pounds, and are further reduced if you take your food to-go. On our visit we tried the lamb meatballs, the cheese macaroni and the tuna bruschetta.  Each dish came with a healthy serving of fresh salad. The bruschetta was really a hearty open-faced ciabatta sandwich, a Mediterranean delight of grilled vegetables, tuna and black olives.   The lamb meatballs were pleasant but I’d have preferred stronger seasoning.  The macaroni with goat’s cheese was the surprise hit of our lunch.  The least tempting looking of the dishes it was wonderfully creamy and demanded to be shared!

A meal for 3 with non-alcoholic drinks came to 21.00£ which is a very fair price for a lovely local with satisfyingly homemade fare.

Golborne Deli
100 Golborne Road
W10 5PS

Wi-Fi available
Venue: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Value for Money: 5/5

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