Vessel hosts Ludvig Lofgren’s “Tales of the Unexpected”

Exciting and unexpected glass works are currently being showcased at Vessel Gallery in Notting Hill.

The opening night for Swedish Kosta Boda designer Ludvig Lofgren was well attended coinciding with the warmest spring night yet of 2011.  We were excited to don our summer attire while the gentle evening adding a certain cachet to the affair.

This is Lofgren’s first exhibit in London since taking on a designer role within Kosta Boda in 2007.  His work is at times lyrical and light but, with the changeable temperament of an artist, he also evokes a funereal style as beautiful as it is dark.  Illuminating skulls sat alongside flamingos and parrots in the boutique glassworks shop while towering multi-coloured vases comfortably flanked jet black ravens – each piece unique yet akin to the next in the pristine talent of the craftsmanship.

Taking inspiration from 1950 B movies and music Lofgren sees himself as a DJ spinning out form from a myriad of influences clearly visible in his art. King Kong sculptures nestle beside “Alice in Wonderland” Candy Rabbits across from an Adams Family inspired display of black rose embossed hearts and gothic candelabras.  We mused at what his first visit to Notting Hill might inspire.

Vessel was buzzing throughout the evening with the warm reception, flowing drinks, informed staff and accommodating weather coming together to create a wonderful event.

Until May 21 2011

114 kensington Park Road
London, UK, W11 2PW

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